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Simplify IT Monitoring in Remote Working with SolarWinds

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Thurs, 11 February, 2021 | 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST - 60 Min

Every company today is a digital company and has stepped on the digital accelerator in a massive way. As the world has already shifted to remote working in a big way, there is a greater demand for maintaining business continuity and ensuring security and compliance. SolarWinds, one of the few companies that has a huge portfolio of products to simplify the management of IT infrastructure, is helping its customers in monitoring the availability and performance of the full IT stack upon which applications run. This support includes educational resources, best practices, tips on how to leverage their existing products – and providing IT pros supporting newly remote workers with free licenses to its industry-leading cloud-based remote support software, Dameware Remote Everywhere.

As the landscape of IT applications and infrastructure rapidly changes, companies increasingly deploy and rely on a mix of on-premises, public, and private cloud, multi-cloud, and SaaS-delivered applications. With this change, your company needs IT operations software to keep pace with all the rapid changes in technology innovation. 

This webinar is focused on how SolarWinds IT operations management software helps IT pros like you centrally monitor, manage, and secure your applications and infrastructure across your modern, multi-cloud, and multi-premises architectures through an integrated single pane of glass.

Speakers :

Shashank Khemani

Head of Business Operations,
Technosoft Solutions

Saravanan Subramanian

VP Technical Team,
Technosoft Solutions

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Alain Sanchez

EMEA CISO Senior Evangelist, Fortinet

Alain Sanchez has 20 years of executive engagement experience in the Network and Telecommunications domain. Alain joined Fortinet CISO office from Huawei Global Consulting Department where he was in charge of the Digital Transformation Practice, advising the board of Companies like Virgin Media, Telcel, INWI, Vodafone UK, China Mobile. Alain held executive positions in Alcatel-Lucent, Accenture, BT-Global Services and Nortel.

Alain Sanchez graduated from the University of Technology of Compiegne with a degree in Engineering complemented by a Master degree in industrial processes.