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Is your organization prepared for the next waves of attacks? Do you have the capability to mitigate zero days vulnerabilities as soon as it starts? In this webinar, we’ll review the latest trends in the threat landscape and revisit some of the most critical zero day vulnerabilities that happened in the past year. We’ll also introduce you to Edgio’s holistic web security solution as well as the capability to help you keep up with the evolving threat landscape and prepare you for the next zero day exploit.

Why to attend :

  • Cyber attacks are causing >$6T USD of damage and the economic impact is only going to increase
  • Organizations are dealing with increasingly more serious cyber attack
  • Zero days security incident has been happening in increasing frequency yet many organizations are unprepared to deal with it
  • Learn about the best practices for responding to zero day security incidence
  • latest solutions & capability that help improve the response time to make zero day a normal day

Who should attend :

  • Cyber security executives
  • Security operations
  • Engineering leadership
  • Operation leaders
  • CTO
  • CIO

Speaker :

Richard Yew

Senior Director of Product Management - Security

Moderator :

Harshal Desai

Special Correspondent
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Alain Sanchez

EMEA CISO Senior Evangelist, Fortinet

Alain Sanchez has 20 years of executive engagement experience in the Network and Telecommunications domain. Alain joined Fortinet CISO office from Huawei Global Consulting Department where he was in charge of the Digital Transformation Practice, advising the board of Companies like Virgin Media, Telcel, INWI, Vodafone UK, China Mobile. Alain held executive positions in Alcatel-Lucent, Accenture, BT-Global Services and Nortel.

Alain Sanchez graduated from the University of Technology of Compiegne with a degree in Engineering complemented by a Master degree in industrial processes.